Hey Everyone, 
We have updated the PayPal module in the billing system to their latest version. The new module adds additional security and functionality to the PayPal checkout process. You will see more merchantants switching over to this new gateway in the future as it will become the PayPal standard.
 You now can select pay by PayPal (one time payment only available at this time.. subscription option will be available in the near future), PayPal Credit, payment by credit card (using the PayPal gateway) -OR- you can select the green checkout button which will allow you to select the older PayPal subscription gateway, credit cards (our merchant credit card gateway) or the new PayPal gateway.
 Existing credit card and PayPal subscriptions will continue to work as before. You will see these changes on invoices issued after today; Jan 24, 2020.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

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