As there has been no further updates offered by SOCAN, here is a summary of what is known:

All web players must be on a base URL via a pop up window or page redirect from your current website. The torontoCast base URL must be visible in the address bar. Accordingly, iFrames are not acceptable. TorontoCast is offering a free sub domain and basic web hosting account which can be ordered via the billing system and by using promo code socan at checkout. Remember to click on verify code after entering it. A good example of a website which has already been reviewed by SOCAN and has been verified as in compliance is at

Third party directories such as TuneIn are acceptable as are their mobile apps.

Regarding other third party mobile apps, SOCAN has not offered further guidance. Therefore, until additional information is offered, our feeling is that they should be considered as in compliance as are third party directory mobile apps. Best practice would be to have your TorontoCast base URL visible in the app where possible.

We agreed to a "soft" deadline for compliance of June 30, 2018. Beyond that date, SOCAN may begin checking websites.

Any questions regarding this should be directed to the TorontoCast Facebook Producer's Page or by opening a support ticket.

More updates will be provided if additional informations becomes available.

TorontoCast Development Team

Saturday, June 16, 2018