Web Radio Hosting - North America Data Center

Featuring Everest Cast Pro and MediaCP

Everest Cast Pro 14 Day Trial

One Station
User Selectable Icecast (default), Shoutcast V2.5 or V2.6 server
128 Kbps Rate
25 Listeners
50G Bandwidth Monthly
Mount Points Support MP3 & AAC Streams
3 Gig Hard Drive Space

Everest Cast Pro Build Your Own Plan

Build your own plan
Choice of number of Radio Stations hosted (1-3)
Choice of number of Radio Channels (Mount Points) You need at least 1 per radio station
Choice of SSD Disk Space from 8G to 65G
Choice of 128kbps, 192kbps or 320 kbps Streams
Choice of Icecast, Icecast-kh or Shoutcast 2.6 from your Radio Station Manager

MediaCP 14 Day Free Trial

One Station
Choice of Icecast2, Icecast 2-KH or Shoutcast V2.6
128 Kbps Rate
25 Listeners
500G Bandwidth Monthly
3 Gig Hard Drive Space

MediaCP Build Your Own Plan

Choice of Icecast2, Icecast2 - KH or Shoutcast 2 V2.6 services
Choice of Bitrates from 128K to 320K
Choice of Disk space from 8G to 50G
Choice of Maximum Listeners from 25 to 500
HTTPS support on Icecast 2 and Shoutcast 2 Premium accounts
Shoutcast 2 HTTPS proxy available by request.